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06/05/2019 12:00 AM

Q: What are the services of Almaqalah website, and what is its purpose?

A: These are services that provide the possibility of converting Arabic words and sentences into their other Arabic synonyms, so that the text changes and the intended meaning does not change, in addition to site improvement tools and SEO search engine tools. The main objective of the service is to save time and effort for the Arab user by up to 99%.

Q: What is the benefit of the rephrasing service on Almaqalah.com website?

A: The exclusive article service produces completely exclusive texts with a rate of up to 99%, and is highly ranked in the search engines, so that it saves you a lot of time and effort in the rephrasing process, and helps your site to lead the search engines by helping you to publish new content that is not repeated or Copied (Although our service produces exclusive and uncopied content, we always recommend adding your own touch to the article after rephrasing it and before publishing it). Many of the tools available on the site can also be used to improve and develop Arabic websites.

Q: What is the difference between (Simple Arabic Paraphrasing), (Special Arabic Paraphrasing) and (AI Paraphrasing)?

A: Simple Arabic Paraphrasing: (You simply paraphrase, but do not change all the synonyms available in our database)

- Special Arabic Paraphrasing: (You paraphrase all the synonyms in our database, highlighting them in different colors, with the ability to choose the alternatives in our database, or enter your own synonyms).

- AI Arabic Paraphrasing AI: A program for paraphrasing Arabic texts, using artificial intelligence at the click of a button. The Arabic Paraphrasing Tool AI is the best solution available on the Internet to paraphrase Arabic texts in a highly similar way to human creativity, to produce new and fully understandable Arabic texts. As if a professional writer wrote it.

Q: What are the limits of using these services?
A: There are no limits to paraphrasing using (Simple Arabic Paraphrasing), (Special Arabic Paraphrasing) and (Arabic Paraphrasing -AI), you can rephrase texts in the quantities you want and at any time, as long as you do not intend to harm our site.

Q: Is the exclusive article paraphrasing service an alternative to human paraphrasing?
A: No, our automatic article rewriting service aims to save time by 95% or more for the article writer, but it does not replace human intervention.
We always recommend adding your personal touch to the paraphrased article.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?
A: All our website services are free of charge except for rephrasing, but you can try the service before purchasing it to make sure if it is suitable for you or not. So that you do not purchase the service until you are sure that it is suitable for you through free trials.
So the subscription can be canceled at any time but you will not be able to get a refund.

Q: Why is the Arabic paraphrase calculated using artificial intelligence by the number of letters and not by the number of words?
A: Because arithmetic with letters is more accurate than arithmetic with words, as there are words consisting of two or three letters such as conjunctions, prepositions, etc., so arithmetic with words impractically consumes your energy.

Q: Will my site be accepted in Google Adsense if I use your article reformulation service?
A: Although our service is for almost completely rephrasing articles, we do not claim or undertake to accept your site in Google Adsense as a result of using our rephrasing service, so whether or not your site is accepted in Google Adsense is at your sole responsibility.

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