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The best tool for fetching, extracting and rephrasing ready-made Arabic articles and research by simply writing the search word or keyword for the article only. How great it would be if there was a tool that could fetch and extract up to 30 articles from trusted Arabic sources, and although it sounds like a dream, SEO Tools at Exclusive Article Site made the impossible possible by developing an excellent tool known as " Fetch ready articles. This online tool pulls dozens of articles for a keyword written from different Arabic websites. Warning: More Arabic sources are being added to cover the various fields of articles of interest to the Arab user. Fetcher ready-made Arabic articles Type in your exact keyword that you are searching for You can also specify the number of articles you want this tool to extract like 10, 20 or maybe 30. Within a few seconds, the fetched articles will be shown in separate text boxes You can copy or download them directly to your computer or Click on the Rework Article button to get a completely new article that has not been copied from any site. And always remember not to republish your articles without paraphrasing them in advance using one of the Arabic paraphrasing tools available on our site. (Please note that the paraphrasing button available within the article fetcher is associated with the AI paraphrasing tool only).